Saturday, October 17, 2009

BBC - Wildlife Specials - Wolf (1995)

Wolves are so wary and elusive and their senses so acute that even world-renowned wolf biologist David Mech hardly ever sees them. Mech and others have had to piece together what is currently known about the lives of wolves by radio-tracking them from air over the lakes and forests of Northern Minnesota. Cameraman, Jeff Turner, spent a staggering seven months of each year, for three years, camping out in Northern Canada's Wood Buffalo National Park, home of the largest wolves in the world. In midwinter, he recorded a pack of 20 wolves harassing a herd of buffalo for seven whole days and nights before making their kill. Traveling north to Ellsemere Island, Jeff also filmed a pair of pure white Arctic wolves struggling to rear their pair of young. In India, as far south as wolves live, Ian McCarthy filmed the Indian wolves hunting the fleet-footed black buck. Near the town of Brasov, in Transylvania, an ultra-sensitive nightvision camera was used to record for the first time a family of wolves descending from their forest home to raid the town's garbage bins for let over food. As producer Mike Salisbury says: "Even the howl of the wolf, that once struck terror into our hearts, is now regarded by many as one of the most thrilling sounds of the natural world."

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