Saturday, October 17, 2009

BBC - Palin's New Europe

1 - War and Peace

Countries visited: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania
In Medjugoree Michael encounters a visionary who first started having visitations from the Virgin Mary 25 years ago.
In Dubrovnik he meets with lute maestro Edin Karamazov who made the recent 'Songs from the Labyrinth' album with Sting.
Michael ends this visit with a sheep sacrifice which heralds an afternoon of music and hospitality typically Balkan.

2 - Eastern Delight
Countries visited: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey
Michael makes a remarkable visit to Göreme, where the rocks have been carved to form homes and some of the most
remarkable churches of the early Christian era. Leaving the Cappodocia region by balloon, he sails east towards
the borders of the New Europe, which if Turkey were to join the European Union would include Iran, Iraq and Syria.

3 - Wild East
Countries visited: Trans-Dniester, Romania
Michael travels from Transdniester, a breakaway state from the Republic of Moldova, to the Vaser
Valley in Romania, where he joins 80 lumberjacks as they board a wood-fired steam train. He finally
ends up at Bran Castle in Transylvania, the ancestral home of Vlad the Impaler and alleged home of
Bram Stoker's Dracula.

4 - Danube to Dnieper
Countries visited: Hungary, Ukraine
Michael travels by road, rail and river through Hungary and the Ukraine, ending in
the Black Sea resort of Yalta. Along the way he visits Budapest's 'House of Terror',
a National Park in Hortobagy, an area which Attila the Hun was reputed to have rampaged
across, and ends up meeting a Leeds market trader who married the Ukranian prime minister's

5 - Baltic Summer
Countries visited: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia
Michael travels from Tallinn in the north, through Latvia, to Lithuania in the south, sailing
into the Baltic from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, formerly East Prussia. In Estonia he
visits a pyramid house and samples the medicinal properties of leeches. In Latvia he visits
one of the most secretive places of the Communist-era, the astronomical telescope.

6 - From Pole to Pole
Country visited: Poland
Arriving in Gdansk via canal, Michael meets former electrician Lech Walesa who formed
'Solidarity', Poland's first independent trade union, which led to the demise of communism
in that country. Heading to Warsaw he visits the Palace of Culture, Stalin's controversial
gift to Varsovians. Michael then makes his own personal pilgrimage to Auschwitz.

7 - Journey's End
Countries visited: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany
High in the Tatra mountains of Slovakia, Michael skins a pig, and learns how to make
sausages. He then departs to Brno to visit Tibor Turba's famous mime school, where
he is asked to mime a cockerel. Travelling in a DC3, used during the Berlin airlift,
he visits the island of Rugen, built by Hitler for his KDF ('Strength through Joy')


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Boss where is "02_-_Eastern_Delight.part8" it is only till 7 and it is asking for the 8th one!

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it is up now... sorry i spaced out