Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweet Smoke

Though under label 'Rock Germany', this band is multinational, but with roots in Germany

Just a poke

SWEET SMOKE - baby night.mp3
SWEET SMOKE - silly sally.mp3


From Darkness To Light

SWEET SMOKE - just an empty dream.mp3
SWEET SMOKE - i'd rather burn than disappear.mp3
SWEET SMOKE - kundalini.mp3
SWEET SMOKE - believe my friends.mp3
SWEET SMOKE - show me the way to the war.mp3
SWEET SMOKE - darkness to light.mp3



1 - first jam.mp3
2 - shadout mapes, ocean of fears.mp3

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for darness and light...havent heard it before so Im looking forward to that...nice blog and thank you once again