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Quicksilver Messenger Service

1st album

Quicksilver Messenger Service is the debut album of Quicksilver Messenger Service, released in 1968. This was Quicksilver Messenger Service's first album, although they had already produced two songs for the soundtrack of the 1968 movie Revolution. Noted for its instrumental passages (most notably in "Gold and Silver" and "The Fool"), this album displays the group's jam sound amidst lighter pop-oriented songs. Unlike contemporaries such as the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver's jams were highly planned as can be heard by comparing the studio versions of songs with those from bootleg live performances.

There are three covers and three band compositions on the album, including the 12-minute closer "The Fool." "Pride of Man" was written by Hamilton Camp, "It's Been Too Long" by producer Nick Gravenites, and "Dino's Song" by ex-founding member Dino Valenti who was at that time in prison due to marijuana-related offenses.

Quicksilver Messenger Service's debut effort was a little more restrained and folky than some listeners had expected, given their reputation for stretching out in concert. While some prefer the mostly live Happy Trails, this self-titled collection is inarguably their strongest set of studio material, with the accent on melodic folk-rock. Highlights include their cover of folksinger Hamilton Camp's "Pride of Man," probably their best studio track; "Light Your Windows," probably the group's best original composition; and founding member Dino Valenti's "Dino's Song" (Valenti himself was in jail when the album was recorded). "Gold and Silver" is their best instrumental jam, and the 12-minute "The Fool" reflects some of the best and worst traits of the psychedelic era.


* John Cipollina - Lead Guitar
* Gary Duncan - Guitar, Vocals
* David Freiberg - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Viola
* Greg Elmore - Drums

01."Pride Of Man" – 4:08 (Hamilton Camp)
02."Light Your Windows" – 2:38 (Gary Duncan, David Freiberg)
03."Dino's Song" – 3:08 (Dino Valenti)
04."Gold and Silver" – 6:43 (Gary Duncan, S. Schuster)
05."It's Been Too Long" – 3:01 (Ron Polte)
06."The Fool" – 12:07 (Gary Duncan, David Freiberg)

Happy Trails

Happy Trails is the second album of the American band Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Happy Trails consists mainly of a performance cover of Bo Diddley's - aka Ellas McDaniel - "Who Do You Love?" spread out over 25 minutes. The live portions of the album were recorded at the Fillmore East and at the Fillmore West.

The second half of the album consists of an almost continuous suite. Beginning with another Bo Diddley song ("Mona"), guitarist Gary Duncan's "Maiden of the Cancer Moon" follows and the album closes with "Calvary", which manifested itself during a studio acid trip. As a coda, the band sing the theme tune from Roy Rogers' western television show, which lends its title to the album.

The record was released by Capitol records in stereo.

In 2003, the album was ranked number 189 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Side A

1. "Who Do You Love - Part 1" – 3:32 (McDaniel)
2. "When You Love" – 5:15 (Duncan)
3. "Where You Love" – 6:07 (Quicksilver Messenger Service / Fillmore Audience)
4. "How You Love" – 2:45 (Cipollina)
5. "Which Do You Love" – 4:38 (Freiberg)
6. "Who Do You Love - Part 2" – 3:05 (McDaniel)

Side B

1. "Mona" – 7:01 (McDaniel)
2. "Maiden of the Cancer Moon" – 2:54 (Duncan)
3. "Calvary" – 13:31 (Duncan)
4. "Happy Trails" – 1:29 (Evans)


* John Cipollina - Guitar and vocals
* Gary Duncan - Guitar and vocals
* Greg Elmore - Drums
* David Freiberg - Bass, vocals, violin

Greatest Hits

01_Edward the Mad Grinder.mp3
03_Joseph's Coat.mp3
04_Fresh Air.mp3
05_Goin' Time in USA.mp3
06_Gipsy Lights.mp3
07_Cowboy on the Run.mp3
08_What about Me.mp3
09_Song for Frisco.mp3
11_Flute Song.mp3

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