Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kill Bill

01_Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down - Nancy Sinatra.mp3
02_The Certain Female - Charlie Feathers.mp3
03_The Grand Duel (PArte Prima) - Luis Bacalov.mp3
04_Twisted Nerve - Bernard Hermann.mp3
05_Queen Of The Crime Council - Lucy Liu & Julie Dreyfus.mp3
06_Ode To Oren Ishii - The RZA.mp3
07_Run Fay Run - Isaac Hayes.mp3
08_The Green Hornet - Al Hirt.mp3
09_Battle Without Honor Or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei.mp3
10_Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda.mp3
11_Woo Hoo - The's.mp3
12_Crane White Lightning - The RZA Charles Bernstein.mp3
13_The Flower Of Carnage - Meiko Kaji.mp3
14_Lonely Shepherd - George Zamfir.mp3
15_Youre My Wicked Life - David Carradine - Julie Dreyfus - Uma Thurman.mp3
16_Ironside(Excerpt) - Quincy Jones.mp3
17_Super16(Excerpt) - Neu!.mp3
18_Yakuza Oren 1 - The RZA.mp3
19_Banister Fight - The RZA.mp3
20_'Flip Sting - SFX.mp3
21_ Sword Swings.mp3
22_Axe Throws.mp3


01_A Few Words from the Bride.mp3
02_Goodnight Moon.mp3
03_Il Tramonto.mp3
04_Can't Hardly Stand It.mp3
05_Tu MirĂ¡ [Edit].mp3
06_Summertime Killer.mp3
07_The Chase.mp3
08_The Legend of Pai Mei.mp3
09_L' Arena.mp3
10_A Satisfied Mind.mp3
11_A Silhouette of Doom.mp3
12_About Her.mp3
13_Truly and Utterly Bill.mp3
14_Malaguena Salerosa.mp3
15_Urami Bushi.mp3

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